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In Todays’ Modern World; many people know how to navigate a website,

so… lets say Hi and Welcome; and move onward quickly…


We are about connecting people into Hobbies and Collectibles;

We have a free Messages ads page were registered users can post listings to connect with others,

We have a Blog to talk about Hobby and Collectible related stuff,

and we have Pages where people can showcase and rave on about their special interests…


So thats about it in a “nutshell”; act nice and you should have few problems here; except remember over the internet ALWAYS safe guard your privacy and financial data. People will try and steal your private material or even harrass you so please exercise caution, look up on the web about how to keep yourself safe and happy over the internet.

Please act in a mature respectable way and remember just because you maybe are into “unusual” things, many other users might not share your interests. Put another way; act nice and be sensitive to how others might view your opinions, your information here must be child appropriate, legal, lawful, moral and not generally offensive to others.

Welcome to the WebSite; be good and have fun 😉

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