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Are you Depressed

| General | August 10, 2012

Depression is a serious illness for many people and while i can be caused from organic brain disorders, it can occur from other reasons also.

One of those reasons might be that your situation changes; that you find out your relationship is not all you felt it used to be or some other cause like a severe loss.

Regardless we all have a lot of minutes each week to fill up and to try and make those minutes meaningful to ourselves and others. You have the same amount of time as a millionaire and if you do not put something meaningful in your life, you risk getting ‘ depressed ‘.

So what can we do about it; depression? Well why not a Hobby…

This allows you to learn new information, make new connections and basically become focused on something else besides your ” issues “.  Hobbies can bring pleasure and fulfillment to your life, they fill up the time and give your mind something to focus on.

Best of all, there are hobbies that require exercise, or thinking or using your hands or travel or any number of other requirements; so no matter what your preference keep looking and find something that costs nothing or takes no regular time.

Want a hobby that not to taxing on the body or the mind?

Why not take up the Art of being a ‘ Living Statue ‘  :)


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One Response to “Are you Depressed”

  1. I am not sure that a “living statue” is something I would do to resolve depression, or even boredom. That said, hobbies are a great idea for keeping you busy about something other than what is bothering you. It can be great for stress if it is a physical hobby, and a mental hobby like mine, World of Warcraft – which I enjoy – also allows for social interaction regardless of rain or shine, allows me to build friendships all over the world, and feel some sense of accomplishment – as silly as it sounds – of leveling a toon (character) and professions, not to mention collecting gold in the game, since I can’t seem to do that in real life… :)

    Great idea for a broad range website as well!

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